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Title Description
MVDB 60 MVDB 60 MVDB 60 Violation Notice
MVDB 55 MVDB 55 Record of All Wholesale and Retail Sales Registered Out-of-State
MVDB 54 MVDB 54 Certificate of Registration Application
MVDB 52 MVDB 52 Foreign Dealer Application July 2014
MVDB 50 MVDB 50 Record of Dealer Vehicle Inventory. Revised 10/2013.
MVDB 44 MVDB 44 MVDB Buyer's Order Checklist. Form: MVDB-44.
MVDB 41 MVDB 41 Termination of Salesperson Employment Form. Form: MVDB-41
MVDB 40 MVDB 40 Dealership Temporary Closing Notice
MVDB 39 MVDB 39 Non-Profit Organization Consignment of Donated Vehicles. MVDB-39.
MVDB 35 MVDB 35 Motor Vehicle Salesperson Study Guide
MVDB 34 MVDB 34 Motor Vehicle Dealer-Operator Study Guide
MVDB 31 MVDB 31 Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Licensing Laws
MVDB 30 MVDB 30 Dealer Request For MVDB Forms
MVDB 24 MVDB 24 Assignment of Claimant's Rights Form. Form: MVDB-24.
MVDB 22B MVDB 22B Permanent Supplemental License Application
MVDB 22A MVDB 22A Temporary Supplemental License Application
MVDB 2 MVDB 2 Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Form.
MVDB 19 MVDB 19 Zoning Compliance Certification
MVDB 13 MVDB 13 MVDB Transaction Recovery Fund Judgment Claim Request Form. Revised Jul 2012.
MVDB 10 MVDB 10 Dealer License Application for Initial/Renewal/Change
DSD 9A DSD 9A Application for Permanent or Temporary Promotional Plates by DMV. Form: DSD-9A.
DSD 5A DSD 5A Temporary Transport Certificate. DMV Maintained Form: DSD-5A.
DSD 43 DSD 43 Application to Authorize Temporary Plate Purchaser. DMV Maintained Form: DSD-43.
DSD 4 DSD 4 Dealer Application for Temporary Registration/Transport Plates. DMV Form: DSD-4.
DSD 27A DSD 27A Temporary Transport Plate Form for use by Trucks/Tractors by DMV. DMV Form: DSD-27A.
DSD 27 DSD 27 Permission to Use Dealer's License Plates. Revised Nov 2010. DMV Form: DSD-27.
VSA 59 VSA 59 Rebuilt Vehicle Disclosure Statement
Processing Fee Form Processing Fee Form General Processing Fee Form.
Record Of Use For Metal Dealer Tags Form Record Of Use For Metal Dealer Tags Form Record Of Use For Metal Dealer Tags Form.
VSA 12 VSA 12 Form to file an affidavit with DMV certifying that the certificate of title is not in the applicant's possession when registering a motor vehicle.
VSA 17A VSA 17A Certificate of Title and Registration Form. DMV Form: VSA-17A
MVDB 58 MVDB 58 Self Inspsection Checklist
MVDB 9 MVDB 9 Dealer Plate Application
MVDB 61 MVDB 61 Salesperson License Application (Replaces the DSD 7 & MVDB 21)