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Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Tips on Issues you may encounter. (Under construction and adding more soon)

As times changes change so does technology, laws, regulations and processes, the MVDB wants to provide you with support in areas where you may encounter problems or have questions you need answers too. We will continually update our knowledge base articles to keep you informed and educated. 

There are instances when you may encounter a pdf file from our website or other websites that may not open. You may encounter this error message below, due to how fillable forms are created and published in pdf.

If this happens, it is best to download the pdf using the download link in the top right corner of your browser window.


Once you have downloaded the pdf, you will then right click and open in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, which is common on most devices.


If the pdf is not rendered you may have to click the button that is visible at the top of the pdf “Enable All Features”. This will turn on the editable fields that were not permitted. 

If this does not correct the error message, then you may have to contact the website owner to correct the issue.

The need for our dealers to send secure emails to the MVDB has risen in the past months. We want our dealers to take those extra steps to protect the sensitive information you send the MVDB by installing Virtru in your email client. Whether you use Gmail, Outlook, or IOS, please follow the link below and learn how to install and send encrypted emails to keep your information safe and secure.


Our decision to change the Search Active Dealers was to provide increased security on our website and a more user friendly way for dealers and consumers to search through dealerships in the Commonwealth.

 Follow the instruction guide here to learn how to use the new Search Active Dealers tool.