Administering the Laws and Regulations to the Motor Vehicle Dealers of the Commonwealth of Virginia

Field Operations

From the beaches of the Eastern Shore, to the Appalachian Mountains in southwest Virginia,
and everywhere in between, you will find a Motor Vehicle Dealer Board (MVDB) Field
Representative (Field Rep) to assist dealers and consumers alike.


Field Operations

The Commonwealth is home to over 3,000 franchise and independent dealerships. With new dealerships opening and closing weekly, field operations are the backbone of the MVDB. Divided into six districts, there are twelve Field Representative ready to assist dealers and consumers by providing education, guidance and enforcement as it pertains to dealer licensing laws.

 Field Reps conduct dealership inspections, investigate consumer complaints, and work with law enforcement agencies in
criminal investigations. Working to educate the dealer community the Field Rep serves as a liaison between the consumer, dealer, and the MVDB.


Types Of Inspections

As mentioned earlier, Field Reps are also responsible for conducting several different types of inspections. The various inspections are Pre-Opening/Opening, Random, Offsite/Temporary, Board Mandated, Investigation, Change of Location, and Closing. Provided below is a brief overview of each inspection type.

Pre-Opening/Opening Inspections

A Field Rep will inspect a potential dealership and verify that the location meets statutory requirements for an established place of business. Requirements for becoming a dealer can be found by clicking here (New Dealer Packet). In the event that the Field Rep determines that, the prospective dealership’s location fails to meet the statutory requirements (§46.2-1510) the dealer will be given an opportunity to come into compliance. A successful opening inspection must occur within sixty days of the licensure approval date.

Upon approval, a Field Representative will provide education by reviewing rules and regulations that dealers must adhere to in order to achieve future satisfactory inspections. Only after the completion of an opening inspection and the dealer is provided with licensing material is the dealer permitted to operate as licensed dealer in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Random Inspections

While the MVDB constantly provides updates via our Board Meetings, SendPulse messages, our Dealer Talk newsletter and our YouTube channel, dealers may overlook valuable information. In an effort to ensure compliance with state and federal laws, all dealerships are subject to random inspections. These inspections are unannounced, may be completed in person or remotely, and will be conducted as deemed necessary by the MVDB staff. Within the first six months of an opening inspection, a dealership will have a random visit by a Field Rep. During the inspection, the Field Representative will inspect records, review operational procedures, and ensure that all required signs and listings are posted in accordance with state laws and guidelines.

Offsite / Temporary Supplemental Locations

Field Reps frequently conduct inspections at tent sales, conventions and other offsite dealership events. During an offsite event, temporary supplemental licenses are required for participation in the event. A Temporary Supplemental License Application must be submitted, approved, and returned to the dealer prior to participation in an offsite event. Applications can be found by clicking here MVDB 22A.

Change of Location Inspection

After submitting necessary forms, (MVDB 10 and MVDB 19), to change the location of a dealership, the Field Rep will complete a Change of Location inspection. During this inspection, the Field Rep assures that the dealership’s new location meets all the statutory requirements. An inspection by the Field Rep is required prior to business being conducted at the new location. Failure to adhere may result in a written sanction, civil penalty, or license cancellation, for conducting business at an unlicensed location. A change of location inspection must occur within sixty days of the submitted written notice of closure of the prior dealership location.

Board Mandated Inspection

There are times when the Board mandates, as a sanction, an inspection of a dealership. The Board mandate includes a specified date in which the inspection must be satisfactorily completed.  The inspection will take place during your normal business hours. 

Closing Inspections

After receipt of written notice requesting a closing inspection (statutorily required at least 30 days prior to the requested closing date) by the MVDB, a Field Rep will contact the dealer to schedule the closing. During the closing inspection, the Field Rep will collect all licensing items (dealer certificate, salesperson licenses, dealer plates, etc). A closing inspection must occur within sixty days of the submitted written notice of closure.