Administering the Laws and Regulations to the Motor Vehicle Dealers of the Commonwealth of Virginia


With over 18,000 licenses issued,  salespersons are the driving force behind auto sales in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Becoming a licensed salesperson in Virginia?

     Are you looking to become a licensed salesperson?  To do so, you must apply for the salesperson license through a dealership.   

    Don’t worry, the MVDB has detailed guidance and step-by-step instructions to help you on your journey. So let’s get you on your way to becoming a licensed salesperson.   Read More…

Who is considered to be a "Salesperson"

Virginia Code Section 46.2-1500 defines “Motor vehicle salesperson” or “salesperson” as (i) any person who is hired as an employee by a motor vehicle dealer to sell or exchange motor vehicles and who receives or expects to receive a commission, fee, or any other consideration from the dealer; (ii) any person who supervises salespersons employed by a motor vehicle dealer, whether compensated by salary or by commission; (iii) any person, compensated by salary or commission by a motor vehicle dealer, who negotiates with or induces a customer to enter into a security agreement on behalf of a dealer; or (iv) any person who is licensed as a motor vehicle dealer and who sells or exchanges motor vehicles. For the purposes of this section, any person who is an independent contractor as defined by the United States internal revenue code shall be deemed not to be a motor vehicle salesperson.


Who Needs A Salesperson's License


This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Any person who is employed by a licensed Virginia dealership to sell or exchange motor vehicles and is NOT an Independent Contractor
  • Any person who negotiates with or induces a customer into a security agreement on behalf of a dealer
  • Any person who supervises a salesperson
  • Any person who is licensed as a motor vehicle dealer (owner of record) and is actively involved in selling motor vehicles

Wait... Who Else Needs To Have A Salesperson License?

Finance & Insurance (F&I) Employees and Sales Managers Must Be Licensed Too.

Legislation adopted by the 2006 General Assembly broadened the definition of a motor vehicle salesperson to include those functions performed by sales managers and dealer employees who are in the Finance and Insurance (“F&I”) side of the automobile sales industry. Anyone who performs the functions described in the definition above must have a salesperson’s license.  Regardless of the working title an individual has, if they fit the definition, they must have a salesperson’s license.


When Does My Salesperson's License Renew?

Your salesperson’s license is tied to the employing dealership and will be renewed at the same time as the dealership’s license for a one or two year period.  The MVDB will initiate the license renewal by sending the Dealer a “renewal package” with pre-printed salesperson applications (MVDB 61) for all licensed salespersons currently employed by the dealership.

You can find out more details on our “Salesperson License Renewal” section 


How Do I Transfer a Salesperson's License?

Dealers wanting to transfer a Salesperson License, you have one of two options available.

  1. Complete and submit an (MVDB 61) application for each salesperson and mail to the MVDB office location with a check in the amount of $50.00 for each license. If mailing, please keep in mind this could take up to 7 days before we actually receive your mailing.   
  2. To expedite the process, complete and scan an (MVDB 61) and email to using Virtru Encryption. You must provide the following information in addition to the (MVDB 61):
    • Dealership Name
    • Certificate Number
    • Payment Contact Person and Phone Number

When submitting personal or private information through email, you must use Virtru Encryption for data protection.

Once processing has been completed, MVDB will mail a new license directly to the dealership.