Monday – Friday   8:30 – 4:30


Franchise Dealer-Operators

Responsible for day-to-day operations of the franchise dealership and primary contact with the MVDB.


Two Types of Dealer-Operators

There are (2) types of dealer-operators, Franchise and Independent. Both Dealer-Operators are similar in job duties and functional roles. What differentiates between Franchise and Independent DO’s is the oversight and regulatory requirements.

Franchisers require a substantial amount of knowledge and experience for franchise dealership operators. While in 2011, the independent Dealer-Operator Re-certification Program was established as a new required continuing education program administered by the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board. You can find out more details on the Independent Dealer-Operator Re-certification Program.


DMV Service Centers require a $50 Test Fee.

What to Bring?

  • Proper Identification (Valid Drivers License, Passport)
  • $50 payment for testing fee

How to Become a Franchise Dealer-Operator

The first step to becoming a Franchise Dealer-Operator is starting right here...

Take the Franchise Dealer-Operator Qualification Test

To better prepare yourself for taking the Dealer-Operator Test, we recommend you do the following first:
  • Take the Dealer-Operator Practice Quiz and the Salesperson Test Quiz Here
  • Download and use the Salesperson Study Guide (MVDB 35), also located in our Forms and Publications section.
  • Download and use the Dealer-Operator Study Guide (MVDB 34), also located in our Forms and Publications section.
  • Complete the MVDB 57 (Dealer-Operator/Salesperson Qualification Test Application) .
    1. If you DO currently hold a valid Virginia Salesperson License, check on the MVDB 57Dealer-Operator Franchise (80 questions).
    2. If you DO NOT currently have a valid Virginia Salesperson License, check on the MVDB 57Combined Dealer-Operator Franchise (100 questions).
Next: Go to any DMV Customer Center to take the Franchise Dealer-Operator Exam. A DMV associate will set you up on the test console.
  • If you DO NOT PASS the examination test,  you can retake the test the same day or another day. You must pay the $50 fee each time you retake the test. 


After Passing the Franchise Dealer-Operator Exam

Upon passing the examination, you are a qualified Franchise Dealer-Operator. To finalize your qualification, you must complete the following steps:

  • Complete and sign the MVDB 61 Application for Salesperson license. 
  • Have a representative of the dealership where you will be employed sign the bottom of the MVDB 61 for authorization.
  • Submit the appropriate fee of $30 for the salesperson license and $10 for the Criminal History Background Check.
  • Submit the original forms to the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board with the payments for the applicable fees.