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Are you currently a Virginia Licensed Automotive Dealer? Are you looking to become a Licensed Automotive Dealer?     You have come to the right place! 


How Do I Become A Virginia Automotive Dealer?

Are you looking into the business of selling cars and trucks?   How about motorcycles?   Maybe you are looking at selling RV’s or trailers?

Well to do any of that you must become a licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer in Virginia.

MVDB has laid out a detailed step by step process in our section on:

Two Types of Dealers

Franchise Dealers

— A dealer in new motor vehicles that has a franchise agreement with a manufacturer or distributor of new vehicles, trailers, or semitrailers to sell new motor vehicles or to sell used motor vehicles under the trademark or distributor regardless of the age of the motor vehicles, trailers, or semitrailers (§46.2-1500, definitions)

Independent Dealers

  — A dealer licensed to sell used motor vehicles, trailers, motorcycles and RV’s (§46.2-1500, definitions)

Dealer Renewal Process

The Motor Vehicle Dealer Board will mail all forms and documents needed to renew all licenses and certificates approximately 30 days before the expiration date.

The documents below are included in your dealer renewal packet.


Cars / Trucks / RV / Trailer / Motorcycle

Manufactured Home / Watercraft

Non Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer

If you have not received the packet before the expiration date, please contact the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board.

All forms must be signed, with any fees attached, and postmarked no later than the last day of the month in which the licenses/certificates expire (i.e. March expiration dates must be postmarked no later than March 31) in order to avoid a late fee.

A late renewal fee will be calculated at 50% of your dealer and salesperson’s license fees. Renewal applications received more than 30 days after the expiration date will be treated as a new or original application.

Submitting Changes to the Board

What kind of changes would I submit to the Board?


A dealership goes through changes all the time, but some of those changes need to be submitted to the MVDB so our records can reflect accurate information about your dealership. 

When there is a change of ownership or the addition or deletion of a partner, Dealers are required to notify the MVDB as soon as these changes are completed and to submit appropriate documentation from the Circuit Court filing in the Dealer’s jurisdiction and/or SCC (State Corporation Commission) filing.

The Board requires a new application (MVDB 10), license, and fee to record any changes of ownership. Additionally, for dropped partners, the Board requires a notarized statement from the dropped partner indicating they are no longer a partner for the dealership.

During the time of license renewal, if the Dealer is a corporation, corporate officers must submit a letter of resignation or the official corporate meeting minutes indicating the person has resigned.  If LLC members have changed, this information must be consistent with what is listed with SCC, and the MVDB 10 must include the LLC member’s residential address.  The Board may also request additional information to ensure the correct licensed individuals are listed on the license application for record.

Dealers are required to immediately notify the Board of any addition or deletion of a line-make.  If there is a corporate and/or business name change, Dealers should submit filing from the clerk of the Circuit Court.  In addition, we will need the Sales and Service agreement from the manufacturer or letter from the manufacturer approving the new franchise.  If there is any additional information the Board and/or Department of Motor Vehicles will notify the Dealer directly.

Dealers are required to immediately notify the Board of any Business Name Changes by completing an updated MVDB 10  on the Application for Motor Vehicle Dealer License.  In Box 2 please check change and indicate name change. Once the application has been received, the Board will record the name change for our records. 

If there is a change in Trade as Name, notify the Board immediately.  Dealers should submit appropriate documentation from the Clerk of the Court, SCC filing and/or meeting minutes.

Non-Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealers-Foreign Dealers


Motor Vehicle Dealers Licensed in states (“Foreign Dealers”) other than Virginia  may sell motor vehicles at wholesale auctions in Virginia.  Under no circumstances may Foreign Dealers sell at retail nor sell directly to any Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer.

To obtain a certificate of dealer registration, you must follow the steps below : 

  • Hold a valid Dealer License in your home state, and include a photocopy of that license with your initial or renewal application for registration
  • Complete a MVDB 52, Non-Virginia Motor Vehicle Certificate of Registration.
  • Fees for initial (new) Foreign Dealers are: $75 for the application and a $60 fee for the Virginia Motor Vehicle Transaction Recovery Fund (Total Fees $135)
  • The Virginia Certificate of Registration will expire concurrently with your home state motor vehicle dealer license.