Administering the Laws and Regulations to the Motor Vehicle Dealers of the Commonwealth of Virginia

How to Become a Licensed Salesperson in Virginia

With over 18,000 salesperson, they are the driving force behind auto sales in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Steps to becoming a Licensed Salesperson in Virginia.

To become a licensed Motor Vehicle Salesperson, you must meet the requirements of Virginia law and the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board.
  • You must pass a salesperson examination
  • Complete all necessary forms with required signatures
  • Submit all necessary fees
  • Send in all documentation to the MVDB for Approval
In most cases, you will coordinate this process with the dealership you will be working for, since all approved salesperson’s licenses are sent directly to the dealership.

Remember: Until you have completed the steps below and this entire process is complete and approved by the MVDB, you are NOT authorized to sell motor vehicles in Virginia. As previously stated, your approved salesperson license will be sent directly to the dealership at which you are employed.

Step : One

DMV Service Centers require a $50 Test Fee. 

Taking the Salesperson Test

To better prepare yourself for taking the Salesperson Test, we recommend you do the following first:

  • Download and use the Salesperson Study Guide(MVDB 35), available here.
  • Complete the MVDB 57 (Dealer-Operator/Salesperson Qualification Test Application) located here. Be sure to check (Salesperson Test) on the form.
Next: Go to any DMV Customer Center to take the Salesperson Exam. A DMV associate will set you up on the test console. 
  • If you PASS the examination test, your paid receipt from the DMV Customer Service Center will indicate you have passed and qualifies you to become a salesperson. This however, is NOT a license to sell motor vehicles.
  • If you FAIL the examination test, you can retake the test that same day, but you must pay the $50 fee each time you take the test

Step : Two

Depending on dealership renewal period of One or Two year tems you will need to include $50 for One year or $100 for Two years.

Completed Applications and Fees to Apply for a Salesperson License

Preparing the application and accompanying documents and fees. Please follow the steps below:

  • Complete and sign the MVDB 61 Application for Salesperson license. * If the answer to questions B, C, or D is YES, attach a copy of conviction record(s), name of probation officer, date(s), and court jurisdiction(s). 
  • Have a representative of the dealership where you will be employed sign the bottom of the MVDB 61 for authorization.

NOTE: dealerships will conduct the Criminal Background Check from one of our authorized providers before submitting the MVDB 61 to the Board. Please check with the dealership you are planning to work for.

  • Submit the original forms to the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board with the payments for the applicable fees. 

If you wish to know more about the Criminal Background Check that is performed, you can review the Criminal History Guidelines.

Step : Three

Must be an employee of the dealership.

License Issuance

If the forms you submit are correct and your application is approved, your salesperson license will be mailed directly to the dealership where you will be employed, usually within seven (7) business days of Board receipt.

NOTE: You may NOT act as or sell motor vehicles as a salesperson until the Salesperson’s License is in your possession.

NO “1099”. Please remember that salespersons may not be independent contractors paid via IRS FORM “1099”. Salespersons must be employees of the dealership, which usually means that they receive an IRS FORM “W-2” at the end of the tax year.