Administering the Laws and Regulations to the Motor Vehicle Dealers of the Commonwealth of Virginia

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Welcome to the MVDB
Dedicated to administering laws and regulations
to the Motor Vehicle Dealers of the Commonwealth
What We Do
Process Applications, Provide Guidance and Education, Test and License Dealers and
Salespersons, Provide Consumer Support and Resources
all throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia
Field Operations
Expert Field Representatives assisting dealers and consumers by providing education,
guidance and enforcement as it pertains to dealer licensing laws.
Consumer Analyst
MVDB Consumer Advocates provide the general public of Virginia with helpful information
on consumer rights, filing a complaint and consumer related resources.

Located Downtown Richmond
Motor Vehicle Dealer Board
2201 West Broad St. Richmond Va. 23220
Open Monday - Friday 8:30 - 4:30
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Maintaining Business Hours

Providing reliable customer service is key to a successful business; maintaining business hours is part of that service.

Anytime a dealership is closed outside of the posted business hours, you must notify the MVDB preferably by email at

  • Submit the closing date and time as well as the return date and time by completing the MVDB 40 (Dealership Notice of Temporary Closing).
  • The MVDB 40 or alternative notice is to be posted at or in close proximity to the front entrance to be visible to the public.

Dealer Records Compliance

§ 46.2-1529 requires all Motor Vehicle Dealers to keep the originals or a copy of all original records at the site (dealership) of origination for five (5) years.

MVDB field staff will ask you to produce many different types of dealer records. These records include the following examples:

  • W-2 Records: for all your licensed salespersons.
  • Vehicle Safety Inspections: Proof of state safety inspections for retail sales.
  • D-tag Insurance: Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • Vehicle: purchases, sales, trades, and transfer of ownership
  • Transport plates and Temporary certificates of registration

Proper Use of PoD Tags

Our field representatives have uncovered multiple instances of dealer misuse of Print on Demand (PoD) tags.

When a licensed dealer sells or conditionally sells to a purchaser a motor vehicle, the dealer may issue temporary license plates.

Records associated with insurance of a temporary license plate shall be maintained by the dealership for no less than (5) years.

Fee Increase Effective December 1, 2021

During July 2021, the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board (Board) unanimously voted an increase in fees to cover the costs of much needed technology advances, and increasing operating expenses.

In order to ensure the viability of the agency and to operate effectively it has become necessary to adjust dealer and salesperson licensing fees.

Category Current Fee Effective Dec. 1,2021
Dealer Certificate $255/per license year $270/per license year
Endorsements $25/per license year $50/per license year
Salesperson License ** $30 $50
Foreign Registrant $75/per license year $100/per license year

** Includes Initials, Transfers and Renewals
Read the full article in the October 2021 News Letter

Whats Wrong With This Picture

§ 46.2-1550 states in part, it shall be unlawful for any dealer to cause or permit dealer's license plates to be used on: Vehicles used to deliver or transport (i) other vehicles; (ii) portions of vehicles; (iii) vehicle components, parts, or accessories; or (iv) fuel;

Misuse of D-Tags

Lost or Stolen Tags

How do I replace a lost or stolen dealer tag?

  • If your dealer plate was stolen, please report the theft to the police and get a police report file number.

  • For stolen plates, complete a MVDB 9, write the police report number on the form, and write the plate number that was stolen.  Indicate on the MVDB 9 that you want a replacement.  Submit the MVDB 9 with the $10.00 fee(s) per stolen plate.

  • For lost plates, complete a MVDB 9.  Indicate on the MVDB 9 that you want a replacement, and write the lost plate number.  Submit the MVDB 9 with the $10.00 fee(s) per replacement plate.

Recertify Before Time Runs Out!!!

Dealer Operators!!! Hear ye Hear ye!!!

If you are the dealer operator of a licensed dealership, it’s important that you keep your recertification current and active to avoid a suspension of dealer practices and unnecessary costs.

You can choose to recertify by taking either the online continuing education course or the Independent Dealer Operatory Recertification Exam (DRC Exam).

Available online continuing education course at:

  • Compass Systems, Inc.
  • JTZ Enterprise
  • Independent Dealer Operator Recertification Examination (CRC Exam)

Keep Your Contact Information Current

Changing emails, cell phone providers, home addresses and work place environments can cause a disruption in how you receive the necessary information for recertification, licensing, laws and regulations that affect you and your dealership.

Keep your contact information current with MVDB by contacting us through email at {} or fax {804-367-1053}. Please provide the following information when doing so:

  • Certificate License Number
  • Your Name
  • Dealership Name
  • Valid email address and contact phone number

It is vital to you and MVDB that your contact information be current at all times.

Dealer Talk Newsletter

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  • Proper Use of PoD Tags
  • Semiconductor Shortage May Affect U.S. Auto Sales
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  • Cyber Security and Incident Response Plans
  • These articles and many more....

Dealer Plate Insurance

Having insurance on your dealer plates is not only to protect you, but to protect other motorist on the road in case of an unfortunate accident.

MVDB main office staff will not issue dealer tags without verifying sufficient insurance coverage.

  • MVDB Field Representatives conduct dealership inspections, and part of those inspections is to determine if your dealership has insurance coverage on each and every Dealer license plate you posses.
  • Every dealer plate you possess is required by law to have liability insurance coverage.

Avoid Penalties and Unsatisfactory Inspections… Get Insurance on your Plates!

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